Amazing ATR Multi Timeframe Indicator Mt4

ATR Multi Time Frame Indicator

Amazing ATR Multi Timeframe Indicator Mt4

The ATR Multi time frame indicator is used to measure the previous market condition and the current currency situation. This is the indicator which can use for any time frame, on any type of chart and on any level in which a reader want.

ATR Multi Timeframe Indicator

This indicator allows traders to know the market trading conditions on multiple time frames. The complete name is Average True Range Multi time frame indicator. It tells us the targeted trends according to the situation in multiple time frames.


The ATR Multi timeframe indicator displays the price actions on the base of the average moving calculation. This indicator allow trader to do trade on higher level of price rate in the market. The ATR (Average true rate) provide trader a deep level of price movements.

There are two types of color time periods that are used to identify the market condition and current rate. The pink and the green color. When the market trading is on the chart line then it indicates the pricing is on high level. When the oscillator is on the assets phase then it indicates that there should be stop in market trading. This shows the result in green color.

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