COG RSI Histogram Indicator

Best COG RSI Histogram Indicator mt4 Free download

This indicator is the combination of two parts COG RSI and STD bars. These parts are used to determine that when the markets buyers and sellers value become high and low. COG and STD bars are twenty times greater to the market Sellers condition.

COG RSI Histogram Indicator

When the value reached at 20 then the market is in overbought condition means it’s expensive. When the value reached nor stops at zero the market condition becomes neutral.

Working of the COG RSI Histogram Indicator

There are two types of signals in this indicator that are COG RSI and STD bars. The COG RSI moves up with blue lines in the graph and STD bars moves down with red signals. The COG RSI signals with blue color moves up to 20 levels and displays that the market trend value is going to high and show positive result while on the other hand the STD bars with red signals moves downward and show the negative result.

This is a forex trading indicator. This indicator can also be used for any type of currency in the market. This indicator gives an opportunity to the traders to do trading in the market up to 20 levels.

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