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Binary Options Indicator: –

Binary options indicator is an indicator used to define the advanced best terms of the trade. It is used to get more accurate trending signals that can minimize the risks of loss in the trade.

Binary options indicator is developed based on price actions. If the price movement is decreasing then the signals made by this indicator are also deceasing and when the price movement is increasing then the trend signals are also increasing. Binary options indicator gives info for the success in advance.

Explain Of Binary options indicator

When the market is changing and the price movements are getting high and there are more chances to get success in the trade then Binary options indicator will detect the signals in advance and informs about the success. Whenever this indicator detects any changings in the buy and sells signals it sends alert notifications on mobile screens and email addresses. Binary options indicator is specially designed for the trade in the Meta trader 4 platforms.

It detects the price action patterns using complex algorithms to filtrate and confirms the trading signals. It gives accuracy to the trend signals. Each signal is responsible for a successful trade to deal with the risks in the forex trading system and it helps to make better decisions in the trade. It is an automatic indicator that makes changing in the trade by itself.

Binary options indicator  INDICATOR SETTING

  1. Several expiration candles:

It is used to indicate the candlestick patterns which are expired.

  1. Number of candles from history for calc %WinRate: –

It is the number of total candlestick patterns that appears in the trade.

  1. Signal_1 (based on PA):

These signals are based on price action.

  1. Confirm Signal_1:

Confirmation of price action signals.

  1. Signal_2 (based on Indicators):

 The number of signals of the collaborative indicator

  1. Confirm Signal_2:

Confirmation of signals generated by the collaborative indicator

  1. Interval of the display arrow near the signal

It is the time interval for candlestick signals which are above or under the arrows.

  1. Offset for text near the arrow

It is the time interval for candlestick signals which are above or under the arrows.

  1. Signal alert

It is used to send alert signals

  1. Signal push

It is used to send alert notifications.

  1. Allow trading time

It is used to allow the trading time or session to start the trade.

  1. Bind text corner:

It is used to display text on the indicator chart.

  1. Colour for corner text:

It is used to colour the text on the indicator chart

  1. Colour for text above signal arrow:

It is used to colour the signals and texts which are above the arrow.

  1. Colour for text under the signal arrow

It is used to colour the signals and texts which are above the arrow.


The binary options indicator has too many uses. Some of them are discussed here. It is used to detect the buy and sell signals in the forex and binary trading system.

It uses different settings and parameters for easy and understandable trade. It helps the traders to make a perfect and profitable trade.

Uses of  Binary options indicator:

Platform: Metatrader4
Currency pairs: All

Trading Time: 24 Hours

Timeframe: Binary options indicator

Chart: mt4 & Mt5

Recommended broker: All trusted brokers

Remember, Before use Binary options indicator you can test on Demo account. When you will expert then you will use in Real account of trading.


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