Top 5 Best forex Scalping Indicator Mt4 Free Download

Top 5 Best forex Scalping Indicator Mt4 Free Download

Top 5 Best Scalping Trading indicator [Forex trading 2020]

As world is growing by coming to online market places another technique of business is also being grown. This is named as trading. People are trying to seek more about it.

         Scalping, indeed, very important technique in the era of trading. Basically it is a trading style which is being focused by traders. In this people mainly focus to earn a handsome profit by investing a small amount. This technique require only to be master in it for being a good trader.

This scalping trading can be proved profitable by knowing a lot about scalping trading indicators. Now let’s proceed to learn a lot about this strategy by discussing indicators.

Here we shall discuss 5 Best Scalping Trading indicators. These are given below:

  1. The Exponential Moving Average indicator (EMA)
  2. Simple Moving Average indicator (SMA)
  3. The Moving Average Convergence Divergence indicator (MACD)
  4. The Stochastic Oscillator indicator
  5. The Parabolic SAR Scalping indicator


Let’s explain these top scalping trading indicators.


  1. The Exponential Moving Average indicator (EMA) :

        Exponential Moving Average indicator is one of the first technical indicator ever developed in trading industry.

EMA indicator is important type of moving Average indicator.

What is meant by this?

EMA indicators are technical indicators which are being used to generate signals of all sales and buys from Average history.

 An EMA is also recognized as exponentially weighted moving average (EWMA) due to some reasons which are described in below section.

Now, it’s time to explain actually how EMA basically

 works and all aspects related to this type of indicators. Let me explain!


EMA is useful trading indicator being mostly used in daily basis. Unlike other indicators which are being used in forex trading industry this indicator has two major benefits which have key importance in this field. These main facts are given below:

  • This indicator associate more weight age to the recent prices which is not a key factor of other indicators.
  • This indicator shows early response to change in recent prices as compared to the old one.

    These two main factors departs it from other indicators of this level. In technical analysis this is found very useful in calculations and interpretations.

In this topic we shall also try to cover sub moving indicators related to this main indicator.

 Let me explain these:

  • Zero lag exponential moving average indicator
  • double exponential moving average indicator
  • triple exponential moving average indicator

Let us explain all these given sub categorized indicators briefly!


  • Zero lag exponential moving average indicator [ZLEMA]

Founders : John Ehlers and Ric Wa

          This indicator is being used to eliminate all the inappropriate lags which are related to trend- following indicators.


  • Double exponential moving average indicator [DEMA]

               Founder :  Patrick G. Mulloy

        This was firstly introduced in article from :

  “Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities”


              This indicator is being used  to eliminate the inappropriate lag, which is associated with Moving Averages. This function is being completed by associating more value to recent prices.


  • Triple exponential moving average indicator[TEMA]

                 Founder: Patrick G. Mulloy

This was firstly established in an article present in

 “Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities”

      This indicator tries  to remove the inappropriate lag which is associated to Moving Averages by placing more weight on the recent values.


  1. Simple moving average indicator (SMA)

       From its name it is cleared that it is also an example of moving indicator as mentioned above.

    What is meant by this?

           This indicator [SMA] is defined as:

“ Indicator which is used to calculate the average of prices range by using the information of period which lies in same range.”

   These prices are usually closing prices to each others. This indicator is useful to show the average price over a specific time. 


SMA indicator helps a lot in field of Change in prices.  The main benefits of this indicator research are mentioned below:

  • It helps us to find ranking of prices whether these prices are increasing or decreasing.
  • From earlier mentioned point it is also cleared that it helps us to identify the trend.

Here I also want to show you the formula which is being normally used. It is necessary to mention that it is an arithmetic average and can be calculated as:   The SMA is an arithmetic moving average which can be calculated as:

          (add the recent closing prices) and divide them by the (number of periods in the calculations average).

          Now it is time to in depth research about simple moving Average. Let me explain this important scalping strategy.


  • Significance in analytics:

                          Such indicators are very important tools to analyze and also being used to identify the trends regarding to the recent price values. It also provide an potential to establish change in the trend. It also describes either it is uptrend or downtrend.

  • Trading Patterns :

There are also some trading pattern which are using the service of simple moving average indicator. Two most popular are given below:

“death cross and a golden cross”

                                  A death cross occurs when the 50-day SMA crosses below the 200-days SMA.  The golden cross occurs when a short-term SMA breaks above a long-term SMA.



                 Some traders in forex trading industry are renowned that innovative data is the best face to the recent trend. At the same time there are also some traders feel that this idea is not at all. They think that denying some dates will bias the upcoming trend.

 Therefore ,the SMA may depend on out of date content.


  1. The Moving Average Convergence Divergence indicator (MACD):


Gerald Appel

    What is meant by this?

              Moving average convergence/ Divergence indicator is one of the best trading indicator which is mostly being used in technical analysis of Change in stock prices.

The main purpose of its establishment it to be aware of Change upcoming in strength, momentum and directions of stock price’ trend.



                   The main purpose of its establishment it to be aware of Change upcoming in strength, momentum and directions of stock price’ trend.

                   It has been cleared by uses of this indicator that at this it is not only a scalping trading indicator but it is one of that indicators which are useful for every type of traders.  This MACD is here to reveal the relationship between two moving averages of recent prices.

MACD consists of three times series which are calculated by historical data of prices. Name of these series are given as:

Single or average series

                       MACD proper series

Divergence series

       This data is more close to each other.


It is cleared that it is a average based indicator. If we talk about trend of stock prices which are not a range price then this indicator is seemed to be less useful. It is lagging inherent.


  1. The Stochastic Oscillator indicator :

    What is meant by this?

The momentum indicator which is being used to compare a closing price to a range of prices in a certain period of time. It is used to generate overbought and oversold trading signals, utilizing a 0-100 bounded range of values.


Stochastic oscillator is best indicator being used in:

Forex trading and CDF crypto trading

      Scalping and intra-day trading.

General theory:

                     “ In market trending upward the prices will close to the high and in market trending downward prices will close to the low.”

             It is most preferred indicator for scalpers in market due to:

It identifies the turning point more precisely.

It finds the goals for scalpers to .ale it better.

These reasons help a lot in market to earn a handsome profit. This is a range bound indicator which makes it a useful indicator for over bought and sold conditions.

Let me explain these terms

      Overbought and oversold readings :  

           readings over 80  —- overbought range.            

 readings under 20 — oversold.

 Chart of this indicator consists of two lines mentioned below:

          one which reflects the actual value

         One which shows three-day moving average.


 Divergence between the stochastic oscillator and trending price action is also seen as an important reversal signal. For example, when a bearish trend reaches a new lower low, but the oscillator prints a higher low, it may be an indicator that bears are exhausting their momentum and a bullish reversal is brewing.

  1. The Parabolic SAR Scalping indicator :


  1. Welles.

What is meant by this?

                          The parabolic stop and reverse indicator is mainly use to find out short term momentum of an asset. It is also well known due to steady work in market.

  The parabolic SAR, or parabolic stop and reverse, is a popular indicator which is basically used by traders to determine the future short-term momentum of a given asset. The Parabolic SAR works best in markets showing steady trends.


                       It is one of the best indicators which tells us the future trend of prices. By knowing this a trader can successfully guess if price will increase or decrease.For this reason it is big interest of traders to avoid from a big loss. They feel always free to invest.

                     Some main experienced traders in industry recommends that it is better to use this indicator with average directional index (ADX)


This scalping trading indicator in alone can give us false trading information by forcing us to enter any position prematurely.

   To avoid this most traders use this indicator as helper while using other.




By going through this discussion we shall be able to use the top 5 Best scalping trading indicators in perfect manner. These indicators are best key to learn more about scalping industry. In trading world of forex this scalping strategy is one of the most important thing.

                These strategies request traders to be well known of them to be a successful trader in this industry and to work on trading platforms. While working in this trading industry we should keep it in a mind that it doesn’t matter that which indicator or group of indicators we are using. The thing which matters depends upon realistic approach to this growing market.

         In other words, do not trade on Forex, Indices, or CDFs without a stop-loss order, no matter your trading style!


        Which scalping trading indicator you found more productive?

Tell us below in the comment.

Uses of  Scalping Indicator Mt4:

Platform: Metatrader4
Currency pairs: All

Trading Time: 24 Hours

Timeframe: Scalping Indicator Mt4

Chart: mt4

Recommended broker: All trusted brokers

Remember, Before use Scalping Indicator Mt4 you can test on Demo account. When you will expert then you will use in Real account of trading.

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