Gegatrade Pro Expert Advisor (EA)

Gegatrade Pro Expert Advisor (EA)

The Gegatrade pro is an expert advisor which pieces of advice on healthy trade. In Forex trading, it is not easy to trade perfectly without the help of any tool, indicator, or expert advisor. To eliminate the greedy thoughts, losses, these advisors will help you to eliminate all these things because these things lead you to make bad decisions that will affect negatively on their account. so Gegatrade Pro Expert Advisor (EA) is best robot.

Gegatrade pro Expert advisor usually tells about moving’s of the price in trends. It makes signals that help to find these trends easily. It helps you to make a valuable profit in the up and down movements of prices.


The EA stands for the expert advisor. The EA is an automatic system which automatically controls your trading account. You can use any indicator as an expert advisor if you know the coding of the indicator to make it advisor. When the coding is complete, then it can manage everything automatically.

It can buy automatically, sell automatically, it can also stop loss automatically and can also take profit automatically. After connecting it with the broker, the advisors can take all the control of the account. With the help of these advisors, you can easily make profits. It helps you to put only 1 to 2 percent of your income on risk. If the Forex trading is the single source of income in your home, then this advisor is the best platform to help you to earn healthy profits and more income.


Gegatrade pro Expert advisor has the following parameters:

  • Use Trailing Stop 
  • Trailing Start 
  • Trailing Stop 
  • Trailing Room 
  • Use Support Resistance Long 
  • SR Support Resistance Long Period 
  • Min SR Distance Long  Start SR Long at Level 
  • Use Support Resistance Short 
  • SR Support Resistance Long Period 
  • Min SR Distance Short 
  • Start SR Short at Level 
  • EA Work Mode 
  • Drawing On 
  • Show Dashboard 
  • Show Balance 
  • GMT Off Set Of Broker 
  • Trade comment 
  • Magic Number 
  • Money Management 
  • Start Balance 
  • Lot Size 
  • Risk 
  • Trading Direction 
  • Max Spread 
  • Pause Long 
  • Pause Short 
  • Martingale Pause Long 
  • Martingale Pause Short 
  • Take Profit Long 
  • Take Profit Short 
  • Use SL 
  • Stop Loss Long Percent Balance 
  • Stop Loss Short Percent Balance 
  • Short Minimum Distance level 1 till 10 
  • Long Minimum Distance level 1 till 10 
  • List of symbols for news filter 
  • Show lines for news in the past 
  • Pause Long or Short before an importance News 
  • Pause After Level 
  • Pause Long At Level 
  • Pause Short At Level 
  • Drawdown In Cash 
  • Send Push Notification On DD 
  • Send Popup Alert On DD 
  • Start Trading In Monday Time 
  • End Trading In Friday Time 
  • Pause Basket On News 
  • Min Bar Distance Long 
  • Min Bar Distance Short 
  • Use Counter Trades 

USES of Gegatrade pro Expert advisor

Gegatrade pro Expert advisor has too many uses. The most important use of every expert advisor is that it can take automatically all the control of everything in the broker, and then they can trade by their purpose.

Gegatrade pro Expert advisor helps you to identify the changings in the price movement in the market. It also gives a lot of o profits to the traders. Traders can easily use this advisor for their purpose.

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