Ehlers Histogram Oscillator

Highly gain Ehlers Histogram oscillator Indicator Free

Ehlers Histogram Oscillator Indicator was developed by Mr. John Ehler. He invented this histogram oscillator for the ease of traders. This indicator defines the prices changing without any type of delay in the timeframe.

Ehlers Histogram Oscillator Indicator


This indicator works through only single input. And the chart of this indicator moves from positive one to Minus one such as -1 to +1. The chart line points move only between positive input to negative input.

Buy Signal

In this indicator the buy signal occurs when the oscillator Cross above the -1. It tells that here is change occur in the market trend. This thing determines that there is an increment in the market price.

Sell signal

The sell signal occurs when the oscillator moves back to the -1. This tells that the price rate is decreasing.

This Oscillator is very simple. This is very useful indicator for traders. This can be used for short timeframes. If traders want to know the market trends of short timeframe then the Ehler Histogram Oscillator is best tool for use. This Oscillator can be used to manage the buy and sell signals and gain same results. This is good indicator for short-term results.

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