Hull Moving Average (HMA) Indicator Mt4 Free Download

Hull Moving Average (HMA) Indicator

Hull Moving Average (HMA) Indicator Mt4 Free Download

The Hull Moving Average (HMA) Indicator is a hang back indicator. This indicator also increases responsiveness while at the same instance this indicator also reduces the noise. This indicator indicates the price activity in the market. It is a unique indicator with simple average variations. HMA is a fast and smooth indicator.

Hull Moving Average (HMA) Indicator Details:

Hull moving average indicator is designed for Meta trader 4 platforms. This indicator is designed by Alan Hull. This indicates counts the average of fast and smooth moving prices in the market trend. This indicator has bearish and bullish signals in the graph.

Trading through HMA is very easy. It is the best indicator which is used to reduce lag to a great extent from market price action.

Hull moving average indicator is available for every currency pair. The time frame for this indicator is four hours and one day. It is a support and resistance indicator. It is a simple average moving indicator and exponential average indicator. The Hull Moving Average Indicator has many advantages. This indicator follows the prices very closely.

Hull Moving Average (HMA) Indicator reduces lag and it also reduces noise that is found in the moving average indicator. This indicator also has some disadvantages. This indicator reduces the lag to an extent it means that it follows price only.

HMA indicator also has a specific pip and a specific candlestick pattern. HMA indicator also has specific colour schemes GREEN, RED, BLUE, CYAN, and MAGENTA. Specific pip for this indicator is 1.3636 and the specific pip is shown by specific colours that are blue and magenta. Arrows are also used in this indicator with different colours which are magenta and cyan. The magenta colour is used to show fall in the market trend as shown in the indicator chart. An indicator shows the candlestick pattern on the histogram chart. Candlesticks pattern has green, red, and blue colours.

Formula Hull Moving Average (HMA) Indicator

The formula used in Hull Moving Average (HMA) Indicator is Integer (Square Root (Period)) WMA [2 x Integer (Period/2) WMA (Price) – Period WMA (Price)]. The formula for the exponential moving average is [Close – previous EMA] * (2 / n+1) + previous EMA Formula for the simple moving average is The SMA = Close Price x + Close Price x + Close Price x divided by No. of Periods. If the candlestick pattern is moving in an uptrend then it is the best time to buy and if the candlestick pattern is moving in a downtrend then it is the best time to sell. When the HMA is bullish and if it shows a slow market price trend then the oscillator is oversold. Similarly, when the HMA is bearish and if it shows a slow market price trend then the oscillator is overbought.

USES Of Hull Moving Average (HMA) Indicator

Hull Moving Average indicator has many uses. This indicator is a fast-moving indicator and it removes lag from the indicator. This indicator shows the price average in the market trends. This indicator uses different formulas for its users to understand the moving average easily.

Hull Moving Average (HMA) Indicator is very helpful for removing lag and noise from the indicator. This is one of the best indicators used for everyday trading. This indicator also shows arrows on the histogram chart for ups and downs in the daily trade.

Uses of  Hull Moving Average (HMA) Indicator:

Platform: Metatrader4
Currency pairs: All

Trading Time: 24 Hours

Timeframe: Hull Moving Average (HMA) Indicator

Chart: mt4

Recommended broker: All trusted brokers

Remember, Before use Hull Moving Average (HMA) Indicator you can test on Demo account. When you will expert then you will use in Real account of trading.



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