McGinley Dynamic Indicator MT4 Free Download

McGinley Dynamic Indicator

McGinley Dynamic Indicator MT4 Free Download

The McGinley dynamic indicator is an indicator used to solve the problems in all the moving averages. It is used to identify better moving averages then the existing ones. This indicator was developed by John Mc Ginley in 1990 and introduced in 1997 by Market Technicians association’s Journal of Technical Analysis.

McGinley is a technical indicator used to improve moving average lines by managing market speed. This indicator detects the dynamic changings to plot a smooth and responsive moving average line. It is an automatic indicator that setups all the things automatically and adjust them for the slow and fast market.

EXPLANATION of McGinley Dynamic Indicator MT4:

By minimizing price segregation and volatility, indicators improve the traditional moving average so that price action is more accurately reflected. The formula McGinley dynamic indicator only allows acceleration or slowdown based on the movement of security prices. Although traders can use the line to make buying or selling decisions, McGinley’s original intention was to decrease the gap between the indicator and the market. The logic is that high speed tracking moving average will be more reliable in generating trading signals.

McGinley believes that the moving average should be used as a smoking method instead of the trading system or signal generator. This is a trend monitor. Furthermore, McGinley found that moving averages have failed to follow prices because prices and moving averages are often separated.

Details McGinley Dynamic Indicator:

He tried to eliminate the problem of inventing an indicator that would embrace prices more closely, avoid price separation and volatility, and automatically follow prices in fast or slow markets.

McGinley moves faster in bearish market trends and it moves slowly in the bullish market trend. It counts the market slow and fast changing in the market trend, which cannot be detected by simple moving averages and exponential moving averages.It solves the problem to detect the sudden changings in the market trend.

The traders can get the calculation of McGinley dynamic indicator by selecting the number of periods (N).This indicator uses specific colours for ease in their trade. It uses the Red, Blue, and white candlestick pattern. The blue colour is used for indicating high trends in the market trend, red colour is used for indicating low trends in the market trend, and white colour is used for changing the candlesticks from blue to red or red to blue colour. It uses a specific formula for its calculation.

Formula of McGinley Dynamic Indicator :

  • McGinley Dynamic Indicator (MD) = MD[1]+N(MD [1]​Price) 4Price MD [1]​​

Where:MD[1]​=MD value of the preceding period

Price=Security’s current price

N=number of periods

  • MDI=MDi1+k×N×(MDI1 Close)4CloseMDi1​​

Where:MD​=Current McGinley Dynamic

MDI−1=Previous McGinley Dynamic

Close=Closing price

k=.6 (Constant 60% of selected period N)

N=Moving average period​

USES of McGinley dynamic indicator

The McGinley dynamic indicator has numerous uses because it notices the market trends which are not shown by any other moving average indicator. It can show the trends and the signals for fast and slow-moving averages in the market trend. it uses the specific formula for is a precise measurement. It provides a solution for many trading problems. It is the best moving average indicator.

Uses of  McGinley dynamic indicator:

Platform: Metatrader4
Currency pairs: All

Trading Time: 24 Hours

Timeframe: McGinley dynamic indicator

Chart: mt4

Recommended broker: All trusted brokers

Remember, Before use McGinley dynamic indicator you can test on Demo account. When you will expert then you will use in Real account of trading.

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