Privacy Policy

Latest update date of privacy policy: August 31, 2020

Our privacy policy page describes all the things that are mention and written on our website. This page includes all the complete detail of procedures, policies, and information collected by different users who read our website. Our privacy policy is under the law of protection.

The usage of personal data is to promote a website content, check out website speed, and the services provided by us. We are updating our privacy policies on a weekly and monthly basis.

Privacy policy Definition

Individual access to a website is under the Law and services (referred to as either “the Company”, “Us”, “Our” or “We” in this Agreement) refers to which is completely applicable to follow our rules.

Service country refer to the website

Our website is applicable to read by any of the country people to get all forex trading, forex indicators, for extended stays, and much more information. We are not providing any kind of third party companies but we have our website and community to help Forex traders to learn Forex trading. 

Types of Data Collected

Usage of data

Usage of data completely depends on our website policy but under the maintaining user privacy and protection. We are gathering information for different useful purpose is to promote our website worldwide. We are notifying every user and reader of our website through email and social media platforms.

Tracking Technologies and cookies

Tracking Technologies like cookies are beneficial things to boost up our service performance of the website. It will help us to get the correct analysis of our website.

We are using two types of cookies such as session and “Persistent” cookies. Of both of the cookies have their purposes and benefits as they are used by a single click.

 Law enforcement

Under the government agency Las enforcement, we apply to the disclosure of your data to maintain public protection and privacy.


Security of your data

Our website is not declared to collect the user personal data that should be secure by our server. We are conducting user browser information, website speed, and email address just for Website improvement.

Children’s privacy

The website contains all the content about forex trading which is not addressing any kind of wrong information under the age of 13. Our website is specially built for youngers to get amazing content and more information about Forex and indicators.

Link to other websites

Our website is not using any kind of another website which is a link on different clicks. Redirect, signup, and many other third parties websites on our website because we are maintaining our strong privacy policy. 

Changes to this privacy policy page

Changes to the privacy policy are our first concern. We are dealing with different updates to our website so we will inform all the users and readers of our website on a weekly and monthly basis. Our notification of updated privacy policy is simple and easy. We will update each privacy policy update in this page and also mention it with the new one.

Contact us

All our website readers and followers are welcome to contact us through our official website email address: You can also contact us on our social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.