Most Accurate Reversal Momentum Detector Indicator Free

Reversal Momentum Detector Indicator

Most Accurate Reversal Momentum Detector Indicator Free

This indicator is based on reversal momentum. This indicator is used to detect the points that increases the profit and reduces the loss in the market trend.

Reversal Momentum Detector

This indicator gives a strong change in the market trend that’s means that there are more chances of gaining profit rather than loss. This indicator detects that at which point the trend will be strong. It indicates the strongness of trend changing. Sometimes this indicator also called a detector indicator.


This indicator detects the risky points and tells the strength of the trend. Its calculation displays the price result of a specific time period. It tells that when the price will increase and when it will become low. This can be used for stock exchange, mutual funds and also for trend exchange. It displays result and calculate the outcomes with a single line that is plotted on the chart. This line moves between 0 and 100. 0 means low and 100 means high. This line shows the price that when the trending price is high or low. This indicator works as a detector for the trader. The traders can use this indicator for future predictions. This indicator is non- directional.



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